Friday, December 22, 2006

Meeting Aunt Hwa Ja and Stephen

So, this past Sunday, I traveled down to Ansan (안산) to meet my aunt Hwa Ja, her husband Stephen and thier children, Matthew and Ashley for the first time in my life. They currently live in Surfer's Paridise, Australia. Cool name, huh? My aunt looks just like my mother, but younger. It was kinda of freaky. So when you see the pictures, just think a little older and that's what my mother looks like. Both my aunt and uncle speak fluent Japanese, so their two small children speak, English, Korean and Japanese! Lucky! It was a real good time and the food spread was excellent. My grandmother keeps telling me that I have to learn Korean. So, I'm working hard at it!

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Blogger Zachary said...

oh my. soooooooo delicious food - i can really feel it, trust me:).

anyway, nice blog. carry on with the good job and merry christmas!

11:14 AM  

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