Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas 2006 Party Part 1

So today, myself, Mike, Erin, Mikey, Shantel, Matt, Bobbie Jo, and Marina went to Rayne's house to have a Christmas dinner. We had pasta, mashed potatoes, salami, assorted veges, Soju, beer, wine and cider.

It was an excellent time. We then watched Season 5 of Family Guy. Rayne was passed out in the

Mike and Mikey were domestic gods cleaning up all the dishes in the end.

I also tooks some more photos and have some videos of the event. The videos are just us having some fun.

DSC00521 DSC00520 DSC00519 DSC00509 DSC00508 DSC00507 DSC00505 DSC00504 DSC00503 DSC00502 DSC00501 DSC00500 DSC00499 DSC00498 DSC00497 DSC00496 DSC00495 DSC00494 DSC00493 DSC00492 DSC00491 DSC00490 DSC00489 DSC00488 DSC00487 DSC00486 DSC00485 DSC00484 DSC00483 DSC00482 DSC00481


Blogger Rachel Lynn said...

Glad to see you celebrated! Happy new year!

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