Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Immediate Death Sentence #1

Ok, I'll post these every once in a while when one comes up for me. My first example of an IDS...let me explain what this is. An IDS is when you could and should be legally allowed to do away with someone. This is my first example. I work at a restaurant and I'm a closer. For those who don't know what that is, it means I help close the store. Here is my typical work night:

5pm-6pm- goof off (because we're not busy)

6pm-7pm- goof off (because we're not busy)

7pm-8pm- little bit of work, little bit of goof off time

8pm-9pm- get all of my closing work done (we close at 10pm)

9pm-9:50pm- goof off (because we're not busy)


It should be legal to off anyone who comes into a restaurant with food orders when there are only 10 minutes left!!! And if, IF, you are one of those patrons and you happen to work at a restaurant yourself, the GOD help your soul!!!

I've said my peace.

Here's a funny Family Guy videoclip that makes me laugh every time.


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