Sunday, July 16, 2006

Email to my friends

Hello all,

I hope everyone's summer has been a good one so far. Mine has been ok. I currently work partime a local eatery here. Penn Station. As many of you know, I have been looking to go abroad to live and work. Well since finding a job in the UK has been a pain and unsuccessful, I have decided to teach English in South Korea for at least a year. Along the way I hope to have a little fun...soju...hehehe...drinking's meet my grandmother for the first time and to get to know my other side. So, I'm going back to the motherland!

Throughout my years in graduate school, we had to write journals documenting our processes which I sucked at. I would always fall behind on them or do them at the last minute. I know that I want to document my time there and I know if I had to do this in some journal, I would have just one entry. Ok, possible two. Three on a good stretch. So...I decided to create a blog. Why? Because if I only do this for myself, I know I won't write, but if others come and take a look, I will WANT to do it. It's been up for a couple of weeks now, so come take a look, leave comments and enjoy my journey.

The address is

I have just accepted a position at a school in Seoul, South Korea and my scheduled start date if August 21. Not much time left here. Only a couple of weeks. So feel free go to the site if you want, if not, no worries.

Catch ya on the flip side.

Peace, peace and chicken grease,



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